Raschel 42 and 56 looms fineness 48

It is the basic line of our production, realized through 42 and 56 bars electronic looms and high quality materials such as Meryl microfiber and the Asahi Dorlastan elastomer.

The products are available in different qualities:

  • Allover and bands realized with Iluna multi-effect system stand out because of the several net/grounds inserted in the same lace to create an effect like the Jacquardtronic.
  • Rigid Allovers with tulle background and a distinctive ancient effect. This product can be decorated with motifs because its threads can be clipped, which means that all the threads connecting the motifs in a lace can be cropped.
  • Cheap raschel bands with a single ground net.

The standard heights for all the different qualities are of 15 cm for the bands and of 145 cm for the allovers. Intermediate widths can be realized upon request as well. Materials can be matt to obtain a natural effect or bright for a more intense brilliance. Bicolor effects can be inserted on the whole series.


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