Iluna to launch ethical lace & stockings at PV

13 Settembre 2019

 Iluna Group with Roica by Asahi Kasei will present 'Ethical' lace and stockings at Première Vision (PV) Paris
to be held from September 17-19. The offer, an alchemy of design and sustainable features, has been
selected among protagonists of Sustainable Thinking Exhibition of Salvatore Ferragamo Museum for its
value in the field of responsible innovation.
A relevant achievement for the firm that, thanks to the Green Label collection, now even richer, make
responsible innovation an asset for production that focuses on smart ingredients as Roica Eco-Smart family
and Q-Nova by Fulgar. The Green Label range will launch an athleisure and sporty-chic capsule collection
that will perfectly fit the contemporary modern wardrobe, result of a qualified and totally traceable supply
chain, from yarn up to garment, based on design, sustainability and performance.
In addition visitors will discover the unique Black Label range: new ultralight multicolour laces including
jacquardtronic, textronic and raschels up to 12 colours with a 3D effect. To Iluna smart innovation is not
just a project, its space at Première Vision Paris is where visitors will have the chance to discover the new
collection and above all to experience and touch latest boundaries of lace smart innovations pursued
staying true to the values the brand.
Experts in the production of stretch lace since 1985, Iluna today represents the largest European laces'
producer. Thanks to the effectiveness of their responsible innovation strategy, Iluna Group has been the
very first lace producer to have gained the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) for their transformed products,
together with the company certification STeP (Sustainable Textile Production by Oeko–tex). (PC)



03 Dicembre 2018

Whether recycled polyester and polyamide, bio-sourced polymer, biodegradable polyamide or certified organic cotton, eco-friendly fabrics are gaining ground in the range of materials for intimates and lingerie, thus demonstrating the market’s genuine commitment to environmental ethics.

BILLON D2P: new, jersey fabric in a plant-based polyamide (beachwear and sportswear) created using a yarn derived from a totally renewable resource – castor oil – combined with a Lycra® yarn: light, high stretch, breathable, heat-regulating, quick-drying and bacteriostatic.

BRUGNOLI GIOVANNI: technical Br4 collection, 100% bio-polyamide, high performance and eco-responsible, produced using an energy-saving process with low water consumption, reduced carbon emissions and environmentally-sound dyes.

EUSEBIO: ‘bio’ range in organic cotton, dyed using processes with a reduced environmental impact, and mainly recycled cotton range with two new capsule collections in GOTS-certified organic cotton and 65% recycled cotton.

ILUNA: development of the ‘Green Label’ range of environmentally sound laces, created using the Roica™ Eco Smart yarn, Textronic allover laces with a very eco-friendly look and cotton-like finish. Iluna is the first Italian lace producer to obtain Step certification.

MAGLIFICIO RIPA: two ranges with Q-Nova®, Fulgar’s recycled polyamide 6.6. using a nylon 6.6 fibre created from regenerated raw materials and a recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. Also, EVO®, a bio-sourced polyamide, using a polymer derived from castor seeds.

SOFILETA: development of the Green Oblige range with Fulgar’s bio-sourced polyamide EVO®, and the biodegradable Amni® Soul Eco polyamide and launch of two new bio-sourced materials. New Life created from recycled plastic bottles and Seaqual™ polyester created using plastic waste recovered from the sea floor. Also worth checking out:

Antik Dantel (new recycled laces), Antares (circular knits in recycled polyamide),

Chanty Lace (laces in recycled polyamide and organic cotton), Gemma Kits (functional knits in recycled polyester), Giemme (GOTS-certified organic cottons), Innova (shaping fabrics in recycled polyamide-elastane), Muehlmeier (M-Tec White & Pure bra-cups in recycled polyester), Piave Maitex (Perpetual knits in recycled polyester), Satab (new range of grosgrain, taffeta and twill ribbons in 100% organic cotton and double-face satin in recycled polyester).



Eastman continues to innovate with Naia™

03 Dicembre 2018

Successfully launched at Interfilière Paris last year, the new Naia™ cellulosic yarn has been adopted by a number of new partners.

Impressed by the versatility and natural properties of this cellulosic yarn, created using sustainable resources, the Italian lace-maker, Iluna Group, is presenting a new lace, which is showcased in a loungewear garment on the “Nature Moves Us” forum. Created using 7% Ecostretch yarn from Asahi Kasei’s Roica ™ Eco-Smart family and 93% Naia™, this lace boasts an exceptional hand-feel. Soft and comfortable, it is also moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic. French company, Sofileta is also making the most of the performances offered by Naia™. This functional knit specialist has designed a light stretch jersey in gauge 45, using a high percentage of Eastman’s cellulosic yarn (90%). The result is impressive: a natural knit, light and fluid, with a peachskin hand-feel and cooling properties.

“We are delighted by the welcome reserved for Naia™ once again. This yarn is the perfect solution for satisfying market requirements. Our clients are looking for a natural and eco-friendly yarn that is fashion-forward and comfortable, high performance and attractive. The various samples presented demonstrate that our partners have found the yarn they were looking for in Naia™” enthuses John Cahill, Marketing and Communication Director for Eastman. Best Pacific, Sinotex Textiles, Wanjiali Knitting, Billion Rise Knitting, Tintex, Lauma Fabrics, Sanko Tekstil, Celeb Textiles and Yu Yuang Textile Co. are all working with Eastman.

Eastman continues to innovate with Naia™

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