Roica bags Senken Shimbun Synthetic Fibre Prize

29 Novembre 2018

Roica, a premium stretch fibre brand with excellent stretch and recovery properties based on polymer science by Asahi Kasei, a leading Japanese chemical company, has bagged the prestigious Senken Shimbun Synthetic Fibre Prize with the sustainable GRS certified yarn. Senken Shimbun is a daily Japanese fashion newspaper, based in Tokyo, Japan.

The award is limited to Japanese companies. This year Roica GRS certified yarn was selected in the Sustainable category thanks to its unique sustainable characteristics. On March 14, 2018, Senken Shimbun organised an event to conferee the awards where Roica displayed unique fabrics and garments created with the Roica yarn by premium producers like Iluna Group S.p.A (IT), M.I.T.I. (IT), Tessitura Colombo Antonio (IT), Tintex Textiles (PT) and international top level brands as Cosabella (US), Maloja (DE), and Triumph (CH).

The Roica yarn certified GRS (Global Recycled Standard by Textile Exchange) version 3 certified yarn with more than 50 per cent pre-consumer recycled content won the award.

Maloja, an outdoor speciality brand with its roots in nature and wellbeing, showed many lines using Roica, like a new mid-layer technical x-country ski set with fabrics from MITI, using the GRS certified yarn part of the Roica Eco-Smart family of responsible stretch.

Cosabella brand, that sells in over 100 countries, with a premium collection of 2000 styles for every sector of lingerie and leisurewear, showed latest styles with the Eco-Lace by Tessitura Colombo Antonio fabrics made with Roica Eco-Smart family for their more luxurious up-scaled lines.

Triumph Lingerie, whose latest designs use the new stretch lace from Iluna Group and the GRS certified yarn part of the Roica Eco-Smart family, slips, and lingerie sets for the Essence by Triumph collection, won the award. (GK)


日本旭化成和帝人发布最新纺织品技术:高端弹力纤维 Roica 和全球首款可穿戴聚乳酸材料

28 Novembre 2018

首页 › 新闻 › 创新 › 日本旭化成和帝人发布最新纺织品技术:高端弹力纤维 Roica 和全球首款可穿戴聚乳酸材料

日本旭化成和帝人发布最新纺织品技术:高端弹力纤维 Roica 和全球首款可穿戴聚乳酸材料

日本旭化成和帝人发布最新纺织品技术:高端弹力纤维 Roica 和全球首款可穿戴聚乳酸材料

材料技术创新方面的持续发展和突破,使得日本的纺织品愈发受到业内关注。包括电子织物等小众领域在内,日本纺织品企业近期频频发布重要材料研究成果。 日前,化学和材料科学公司旭化成( Asahi Kasei)研发的高端弹力纤维 Roica,获得织研新闻合成纤维大奖(Senken Shimbun Synthetic Fiber Prize)——该奖项仅授予日本公司。基于高分子科学研发,Roica 纺线具备优异的延展和恢复性能,其50%以上的原料为回收利用的消费前材料。 目前,Roica 已通过可持续 GRS 认证,也是旭化成公司“生态智能”产品系列之一。3月14日的颁奖活动上,旭化成展出由 Iluna Group S.p.A、M.I.T.I.、Tessitura Colombo Antonio、Tintex Textiles、Cosabella、Maloja、Triumph 等高端生产商和品牌使用 Roica 纺线制作的面料和服装。

日本旭化成和帝人发布最新纺织品技术:高端弹力纤维 Roica 和全球首款可穿戴聚乳酸材料


日本帝人(Teijin Ltd.)则于近期表示,公司与关西大学系统理工院教授田实佳郎(Yoshiro Tajitsu)合作,研发出全球首款聚乳酸(PLLA)纤维和碳纤维压电式面料。 帝人表示,这种可穿戴聚乳酸材料将线条式压电技术传感器和导电碳纤维纱芯、及其它导电材料编织在一起,能用于时装、运动服、室内设计和健康护理等多个领域。压电技术让材料在受到机械应力时,能够产生电荷。 田实佳郎表示:“我们的研究旨在开发功能性服装,也就是电子纺织品。我们相信,在可穿戴人机交互设备的协助下,人类能自然的与外部设备进行连接,不再需要执行复杂的操作,如紧盯显示器查看指示等。此外,电子纺织品也要足够舒适和时尚,才能为大众所接受。这些想法促使我们研发形似日本传统编织软绳(Kumihimo)的可穿戴传感器。” (注:Kumihimo 是日本的一种编织样式,软绳和丝带交替编入,兼具实用性和装饰性,常见于和服、武士的铠甲和马铠等处)


日本旭化成和帝人发布最新纺织品技术:高端弹力纤维 Roica 和全球首款可穿戴聚乳酸材料


关西大学指出,其压电材料技术“能响应包括倾斜和扭转在内近乎任何形式的三维运动,产生电讯号。重要的是,同轴电缆类型的织物是编织进压电式编织线,以实现电磁屏蔽和高灵敏度,这样就不会受环境噪音,手机及其它设备电磁干扰的影响。” PLLA 编织线当前已应用于三种传统的女式和服装饰结:Kame,Kicchyo 和 Awaji。“

我们对三种绳结产生的电信号规模进行了分析,有限元计算结果显示,Kame,Kicchyo 产生的信号最大,Awaji 的很微弱。因此,未来会开发 Kame 和 Kicchyo 绳结的潜在应用。”

PLLA 编织线的其它潜在应用还包括以 Kame 和 Kicchyo 绳结为装饰的项链。田实佳郎指出,这样的项链可以检测脉搏。“(项链)这样的形式不会对脖子造成任何的不适感,所以是一种很有用的健康监测设备。” 关西大学正试图将这款材料应用至服装领域。田实佳郎表示:“我们正与法国和意大利的设计师合作,设计使用我们的

PLLA 编织绳制作的时装。也在寻找合适的日本合作方,共同研究这项材料在日本传统服装上的应用可能,如女式和服等。”

近年来,日本公司研发了多款高科技面料。如日本导电纺织品初创企业 Ai Silk 研发的新型纤维材料具有很高的导电性(面料可以获取人体的一些物理数据),因为是用蚕丝制成的,面料触感十分舒适,吸水性强,同时能最大程度降低人体的过敏反应等。 今年2月,日本贸易振兴机构(Japan External Trade Organization)在纽约举办了一场日本纺织品沙龙(Japan Textile Salon),展出22家知名日本纺织品公司顶尖纺织工艺和创新产品。 持续的纺织品技术创新和突破,外加经济增长,使得日本在美国及其它全球市场获得更多份额。美国商务部国际贸易管理局指出,日本是仅次于美国和中国的全球第三大经济体,也是全球第四大进口国。

丨消息来源:美国网站 WWD、fibre2fashion 丨图片来源:旭化成、帝人官网

Iluna showcases smart lace solutions in Hong Kong

28 Novembre 2018

A new initiative titled Nature Moves Us has been presented at this week’s Interfilière Hong Kong, in line with the powerful global trend towards smarter fashion solutions. The platform is dedicated to defining the importance of more sustainable materials and smart, responsible manufacturing while reducing waste, pollutants and focusing on recycling as a smarter way forward for the intimate wear, beach and hosiery sectors.

Iluna showcases smart lace solutions in Hong Kong

Iluna Group, a leading producer of lingerie, lace, beachwear and bridal products, has been invited to be a part of this new platform and to showcase its best fabric and fashion smart innovations using Roica Eco-Smart family, a range of responsible made premium stretch yarns by Asahi Kasei.

For this area, Iluna presented an exclusive and elegant lace long dress, created in collaboration with Valery, starting from an allover textronic ultralight lace with a complex organic design completely made of recycled materials, using Roica Eco-Smart yarns.

Season novelties

Iluna showcases smart lace solutions in Hong Kong

The company also presented its new collection of smart lace innovations. This season novelties included a Green Label collection. In addition to the allover, jacquard, double jacquard and mesh offer, the line is also featuring new stretch Galloon laces fully made with GRS certified recycled materials, including the stretch thanks to the introduction of the unique Roica sustainable yarn.

Iluna has also introduced a worldwide première: allover laces made with Naia cellulosic fibre by Eastmann, combined with Roica premium stretch sustainable yarn, realised on warp knitting jacquard looms. The company also presented for the first time the latest version of the stretch Roica Colour Perfect yarns in its stretch lace, delivering premium stretch and sustainability.

Smart Bucket Bag

In cooperation with Roica and Cupro by Asahi Kasei, Iluna also introduced Smart Bucket Bag as a special limited-edition gift. Originally, this was a roomy bag shaped like a bucket, taller than it is wide, with a rounded bottom. It first came to fashion in the 1900's, from a pouch with a string and a hardened bottom.

Iluna showcases smart lace solutions in Hong Kong

Federica Annovazzi approached this idea by starting with the traditional shape, reimagined to achieve a contemporary design by applying smart materials and manufacturing. A beautifully crafted ‘double face recipe’ was made by using a luxurious Cupro fabric by Infinity, combining it with an Iluna stretch lace, designed and produced with Roica Eco-Smart sustainable yarn.

The bag is manufactured exclusively by Made in Carcere, a cooperative of women in rehabilitation, creating a useful social exchange. The Made in Carcere brand was founded in 2007, thanks to Luciana Delle Donne, founder of Officina Creativa, a non-profit social cooperative.

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