Whether recycled polyester and polyamide, bio-sourced polymer, biodegradable polyamide or certified organic cotton, eco-friendly fabrics are gaining ground in the range of materials for intimates and lingerie, thus demonstrating the market’s genuine commitment to environmental ethics.

BILLON D2P: new, jersey fabric in a plant-based polyamide (beachwear and sportswear) created using a yarn derived from a totally renewable resource – castor oil – combined with a Lycra® yarn: light, high stretch, breathable, heat-regulating, quick-drying and bacteriostatic.

BRUGNOLI GIOVANNI: technical Br4 collection, 100% bio-polyamide, high performance and eco-responsible, produced using an energy-saving process with low water consumption, reduced carbon emissions and environmentally-sound dyes.

EUSEBIO: ‘bio’ range in organic cotton, dyed using processes with a reduced environmental impact, and mainly recycled cotton range with two new capsule collections in GOTS-certified organic cotton and 65% recycled cotton.

ILUNA: development of the ‘Green Label’ range of environmentally sound laces, created using the Roica™ Eco Smart yarn, Textronic allover laces with a very eco-friendly look and cotton-like finish. Iluna is the first Italian lace producer to obtain Step certification.

MAGLIFICIO RIPA: two ranges with Q-Nova®, Fulgar’s recycled polyamide 6.6. using a nylon 6.6 fibre created from regenerated raw materials and a recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. Also, EVO®, a bio-sourced polyamide, using a polymer derived from castor seeds.

SOFILETA: development of the Green Oblige range with Fulgar’s bio-sourced polyamide EVO®, and the biodegradable Amni® Soul Eco polyamide and launch of two new bio-sourced materials. New Life created from recycled plastic bottles and Seaqual™ polyester created using plastic waste recovered from the sea floor. Also worth checking out:

Antik Dantel (new recycled laces), Antares (circular knits in recycled polyamide),

Chanty Lace (laces in recycled polyamide and organic cotton), Gemma Kits (functional knits in recycled polyester), Giemme (GOTS-certified organic cottons), Innova (shaping fabrics in recycled polyamide-elastane), Muehlmeier (M-Tec White & Pure bra-cups in recycled polyester), Piave Maitex (Perpetual knits in recycled polyester), Satab (new range of grosgrain, taffeta and twill ribbons in 100% organic cotton and double-face satin in recycled polyester).



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