Roica presents responsible innovations at Première Vision


7th February 2018, Japan

Roica by Asahi Kasei will discuss the new meaning of responsible innovation and wellbeing at the upcoming Première Vision show, which takes place in Paris next week. The company will present its latest fabric innovations and the new functional fabrics for the modern wardrobe at the show.

The company will present its Roica Eco-Smart family, a range of unique innovative and responsible made premium stretch fibres, with two sustainable solutions. The first one is Roica yarn certified GRS (Global Recycling Standard by Textile Exchange) version 3 yarn with more than 50% pre-consumer recycled content.

Roica presents responsible innovations at Première Vision

The second is Roica yarn boasting the Gold Level Material Health Certificate awarded yarn from the Cradle-to-Cradle Product Innovation Institute – for product ingredients that have been evaluated throughout the supply chain for impacts on human and environmental health, building towards eliminating all toxic and unidentified chemicals for a safe continuous cycle.

Key Roica partners featuring Roica Eco-Smart family include: Giemme, Iluna Group, Maglificio Ripa, M.I.T.I., Penn Textile Solutions, Sofileta, Sitip, Tessitura Colombo Antonio,  Tintex Textiles, and V&A Japan Corporation.

Roica Feel Good

The Roica Feel Good family is a range of advanced stretch fibres created to deliver personal performances and measurable wellness, freshness and comfort metrics for travel, sport, leisure and more. Key Roica partners featuring ROICA Feel Good family are Maglificio Ripa and Tintex Textiles, with Roica CF (Clean Fit), and Kaihara and Sitip, with Roica StretchEnergy.

Roica CF (Clean Fit), is a premium stretch innovative yarn offering a durable “new natural” solution conferring an active smart odour neutraliser property to every wearer thanks to the fact that its active ingredient is locked inside the yarn.

Roica presents responsible innovations at Première Vision

Roica StretchEnergy, together with Special Roica yarn and an Asahi Kasei patented fabric structure system, is said to be able to create real heat through the continuous action of stretching and recovery. Roica StretchEnergy produces measurable heat up to two degrees in winter cycling tests, as test-certified by Cerism, Outodoor Sport Research Centre at Verona University.

Other highlights

According to the company, its Roica Colour Perfect family sets a new standard in colour technology delivering a flawless, colour match-dyed finish, and a matte look for the stretch materials. The Roica Contour family of high performance stretch yarns control aims to deliver a calibrated form with power, softness and comfort. Finally, the Roica Resistance family of innovations is linked to durability and functions for higher performance.

Another première

Roica and Cupro by Asahi Kasei, in cooperation with Iluna and Infinity, are introducing Smart Bucket Bag as a special limited-edition gift. In origin, this was a roomy bag shaped like a bucket taller than it is wide with a rounded bottom. It first came to fashion in the 1900’s, from a pouch with a string and a hardened bottom.

Roica presents responsible innovations at Première Vision


Federica Annovazzi’s idea started from the traditional shape and made it contemporary by using smart materials and manufacturing methods. A beautifully crafted “double face recipe” is made combining a Cupro fabric by Infinity with an Iluna stretch lace designed and produced with Roica Eco-Smart family of sustainable yarns.

The bag is manufactured exclusively by Made in Carcere, a cooperative of women in rehabilitation, so creating a useful social exchange. The Made in Carcere brand was founded in 2007, thanks to Luciana Delle Donne, founder of Officina Creativa, a non-profit social cooperative.

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