ROICA™ Partners Showcase ROICA Eco-Smart™ family at MarediModa, the Trade Fair dedicated to Beachwear Fabrics and Accessories.


ROICA™ Partners Showcase ROICA Eco-Smart™ family at MarediModa, the

Trade Fair dedicated to Beachwear Fabrics and Accessories.


ROICA™ the Smart Premium Stretch Innovation for Beachwear.

November 6th through 8th at MarediModa, gain insight into ROICA™ premium partners as they
showcase their latest collections. A wide-range of offerings that include innovations using ROICA™ Eco-
Smart™, the responsible choice. The premium stretch fiber, produced by Asahi Kasei, innovations that
meet contemporary business needs and consumer desires for garments in the modern wardrobe;
fashion, athleisure, sportswear, intimates and swimwear.
Asahi Kasei, recognized for responsible smart innovations offers the ROICA Eco Smart™ family, the range
of the world's first responsibly made premium stretch fibers which includes ROICA™ smart yarns that
offer sustainable solutions with impressive certifications: Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified by
Textile Exchange - ROICA™ EF constructed with more than 50% pre-consumer recycled content.
Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold Level for Material Health product and ingredients - ROICA™ V550
yarn evaluated throughout the supply chain for lower impacts on human and environmental health.
Striving toward eliminating all toxic and unidentified chemicals for a safe continuous cycle. Hohenstein
Environment Compatibility Certificate - ROICA™ proudly breaks down without releasing harmful
ROICA™ partners exhibiting at MarediModa presenting collections made with ROICA Eco-Smart™ family:
- Iluna Group S.p.A., presents the beachwear collection shading the light on GREEN LABEL and on
precious prints and flocks. Iluna Group offers sarongs with fringes and coordinated modern all-overs.
ROICA™ EF is mixed with Q-Nova® by Fulgar for the most innovative articles that are GRS certified since September 2018.
- Maglificio Ripa presents the Earth Collection, a beautiful range of intimates, beachwear and athleisure
fabrics that will support brands’ sustainability initiatives. The Earth Collection mixes ROICA™ EF with
EVO® by Fulgar, a yarn made from castor oil and the GRS certified. Q-Nova®, an environmentallysustainable
nylon 6.6 fibre obtained exclusively from regenerated raw materials and which meets given
traceability requirements and last but not least, Sensil® Ecocare by Nilit Fibers which is now being studied.
that are fully sustainable, made of ca. 7 fabrics with recycled polyester and nylon and with ROICA™ V550.
- Piave Maitex S.R.L. exhibits premium fabrics with unique effects made with ROICA™ EF, ROICA™ V550
and ROICA Resistance™ family that guarantees a good elasticity and perfect recovery.
- Tessitura Colombo Antonio S.R.L. uses ROICA™ EF to reach a new level of advancement: Tessitura
Colombo’s "Natural Dye Collection", entirely made of Eco-Lace, offers a color palette of sophisticated
shades created using amazing natural dyestuff on all eco materials used for this line! Originally launched
COUNTRY Bulgary PUBLICATION DATE 22-10-2018 TYPE online
TYPE consumer online READERSHIP n.a. CIRCULATION n.a three-years ago as a completely sustainable product range,
is even better today as the progression of the world’s first 100% recycled premium stretch range that is dyed in natural colors derived from plant origins.
ROICA™ Partners Showcase ROICA Eco-Smart™ family at MarediModa, the Trade Fair dedicated to Beachwear Fabrics and Accessories.
Additional ROICA™ partners at MarediModa also exhibiting a wide-range of other ROICA™ specialties:
- Eusebio S.P.A The CONFIDENCE DIVISION beachwear collection 2020 uses ROICA
- Colour Perfect™ family for all its items for beachwear/swimwear. Stretch jersey, beachactive coupled fabrics,
stretch nets and tulle and the classic sponges for beachwear and clothing are characterized by neon solid colors,
bicolor and multicolor stripes, positive-negative jacquard effects.
- MG2 Creation S.A.S., the creation of beautifully soft, lustrous structures, patterns and jacquard effects born from newly developed structures.
Products are developed with the - ROICA Resistance™ family of yarns for perfectly functional fit providing a customized technical chlorine resistant performance
Great news, ROICA™ and Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei have announced the renewal their partnership with Intima
Media Group for the season 2019, in support of the Italian award Stelle dell’Intimo and TOP 100 Meilleures Boutiques de France in France,
exclusive contests where the best multibrand independent stores are selected and awarded in different categories.
A precious and innovative platform that reawards the creative and qualitative excellence, ideal frame for promoting premium materials like ROICA ™ and Bemberg™.



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