Jacquardtronic JL

 Jacquardtronic JL 65, 78 e 43 looms; fineness 48

It is the widest category and the most important of our production. It is proposed with standard widths (15, 17.5, 19.5 and 23 cm), in 145 and 150 cm allover and in 1-8 cm bands.

We develop 60 and 80 cm bands, and double scallop allover on request. We use the traditional 43 and 78 bars looms, but especially the new generation 65 looms, which are completely new and give us high quality products with a strongly defined effect.

Every machine is equipped with an exclusive system: the clipping. Due to this technique, all the threads connecting the motifs in a lace are cropped. Clipped laces can be thus processed with a unique smoothing passage before being dyed.

These are the products of this line that we offer, divided in macro-groups:

  • 30 den bands and allover.
    The category stands out thanks to its light grounds with defined motifs on them. They are usually clipped products.
  • 40 den ribbed bands and allover.
    .Ribbed Bands and allover with a stronger embossing effect and matt cordonnet pattern and they can also be clipped.
  • 20 den bands and allover.
    This new and innovative quality makes Iluna Group proud, because the laces are extremely elegant and remind us of the ancient laces.
    Iluna is the first laces producer in the world to use this extremely subtle thread, thanks to its high technical competence. The elastic series with ultra subtle elastomer is Lycra markable. This category is part of the Black Label line of Iluna, a gem in our portfolio.

All the Jacquardtronic products can be realized in a rigid version, and you have the possibility to match the corresponding bands of the width you wish. It is also possible to ask for solid versions with matching bicolors.

The materials used to create this product are the Dorlastan and Lycra for elastomers; Meryl Mycrofibre, Tactel, Cationic Polyester and Polyamide 6 and 66 for the threads composing the motifs. A large range of cordonnets completes the motifs effects. It is also possible to insert vivid effects with Irisè threads and metallic effects with Lurex threads of various titles and shades of color. Furthermore, there is a wide range of pre-dyed threads for multi-color effects.

The whole range of this products made of reinforced elastomer for moulding.

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