Flat Jacquard

Flat Jacquard; fineness 48 and halved fineness

A versatile product line available in different weights and materials both in elastic and rigid quality:

  • 150 cm allover combinable with Jacquardtronic and Textronic bands that trace the background effects and the decorations with a flatter and more delicate effect.
  • Cloth effect allover with tulle background also available in melange effect made with cation polyester.
  • Ultralight 18 cm bands for extension.
  • 135 cm allover Tactel with brilliant effect.
  • 170 cm Mycrofibre allover for supers-soft underwear and beachwear garments.
  • 190 cm halved fineness allover for an outwear and knitwear effect.
  • 8 cm siliconising bands.

Most of our products boasts high quality, with reinforced elastomer for moulding. There are no limits to the design possibilities of this kind of product, that is realized with eylush quality at an extreme speed. Weights per square meter are of 60 grams for the most delicate ones, and of 160 grams for the outwear allover. These products are made of Meryl Mycrofibre, Tactel and cationic polyester combined with Dorlastan elastomer.

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