It all started in 1969, thanks to the brilliant idea of the company founder Luigi Annovazzi.

After a journey in the United States, he made his own the moulded bra cups production technique and became a leader in the field. In 1985, through an accurate marketing strategy, Iluna acquired Ondoli di Cuggiono establishment. The company was particularly specialized in the elastic clothes production and together with the French leaders, it was the first in Europe to introduce on the market electronic machines able to create elastic laces. Since then, Iluna Group has become a point of reference in its sector. In 2008 Iluna realized an industrial joint venture with a Chinese partner to produce the orders addressed to that area. Today's commercial and productive distribution network includes an associated company in Poland and further associated companies in Hong Kong and New York active in China. Iluna has a licensing contract with them (through the use of the brand) and has developed a network of agencies that take charge of Iluna products promotion and selling. Iluna can be surely regarded as one among the first three world players of the reference sector.

Mycrofibre cloths, tulle, stiffened and elastic lace for the lingerie industry but also corsetry and swimwear products for external clothing producers form the core business of Iluna Group. Furthermore, Iluna is one of the largest hosiery and seamless clothing producer to use the Karl Mayer technology. Through this innovative product, Iluna Group is actively engaged with the largest European leaders.

Innovation is indeed the sector in which Iluna has decided to keep investing despite the complexity of our times, as it has been during the whole enterprise career. The initiative was originally undertaken by the founder Luigi and then continued by the inheritor Furio Annovazzi, who is now leading a group of more than 300 employees in Italy and abroad, where as many people are working in Iluna Group foreign associated companies.

Iluna Group core business is in Cuggiono, where the textile weaving and refining establishments are. About 200 employees, all motivated and with hyper-specialization, contribute to the creation of collections selected by the largest national and foreign manufactory and distributive industries.

Through the collaboration with primary providers of yarns and raw materials Iluna Group realizes cutting-edge products concerning technology innovation and ability to satisfy the highest quality standards.

Thanks to the internal staff of designers and product managers, the D&R department cooperates with international stylists to find out the new fashion trends.

Iluna Lab, a core of technological and stylistic innovations, has been recently added to the standard products range. Iluna Lab crown jewel is the Black Label series, enriched with 20 denier ultra-thin laces, as well as the Outwear and Beachwear line. Iluna Group owes to this new product line the winning of the Interfilière "Creators Of The Year" award in 2013.

80 Karl Mayer looms assure the production of a significative amount of orders in a short period of time, while the technical departments and the Quality Certification guarantee it just as much according to the customers supply specifications.

After a restoration that allowed it to optimize logistic and productive structures, Iluna Group has achieved considerable efficiency and cost savings and it is now ready to face the challenges that a market in constant change will inevitably place on its path.

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