Certifications and quality

Iluna has always considered quality as a fundamental strength as much as creativity, without neglecting respect for the environment, for safeguarding the health and safety of personnel. All this with operations of study, prevention and attention to detail in every production process Quality in customer service processes but also production quality that denotes corporate excellence confirmed in decades of international experience.
Research and quality assurance are applied right from the R & D process of a new product, involving all the subsequent stages of production and customer service thanks to continuous monitoring at all stages, active involvement and awareness raising and training of all staff.

The programmed maintenance of the processing lines, the continuous training, the cutting-edge technologies used for the verification of the production cycles allow us to carry out the most precise and rigorous controls: The following are the company and product certifications obtained during the year issued by the most authoritative control bodies in the sector:



Global Recycled Standard (GRS) – Version 4.0: July 2017   
For the follow products: Fabrics, Garments and further specified in the annex

OEKO-TEX Standard 100  
For the following articles: fabrics and laces in polyamide, polyester, viscose, metallised polyester, also mixed together, with or without elastane, purged or dyed with acid dyes, premetallized, direct, reactive, basic and dispersed in various colors, with or without silicone, with or without polyamide flock in various colors, with or without ink-jet printing with acid dyes, in various colors; hot-melt dyed polyamide / elastane laces with reactive polyurethane resins to dyed polyamide / elastane fabrics. Raw materials and dyeing processes certifications STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX©

OEKO-TEX Standard 100  
For the following articles: Dyeing and finishing on behalf of third parties: socks, seamless garments, fabrics and laces in polyamide, polyester, metallised polyester, viscose, also mixed with and without elastane, purged or dyed with acid, premetallized, direct dyes, reactive, basic and dispersed, in various colors, with or without transparent silicone.


Workplace Conditions assessment   
Anchored in Intertek's extensive experience in social compliance, the workplace conditions assessment program has emerged as a powerful tool for assessing, benchmarking and continually improving supplier working conditions. Increase efficiency for all supply chain partners with clearer visibility through measured results.
Intertek Total Quality Assured CIR   

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